Are Shoes a Good Investment?

Daniel Gibbs, Posture Podiatry

Daniel Gibbs, Posture Podiatry







My mother is a physiotherapist, and she has always told me, “Invest in what you sit in and sleep on”.

We spend a lot of our time sleeping; we also spend a lot of our time sitting. However I am going to take it one step further (no pun intended)…

We also spend a lot of time walking.

That’s right. Did you know that in your lifetime you will walk on average the distance equivalent to 4 times around Earth?

While my mother’s sage advice still rings true, when I now pass on the same advice I add, “Invest in what you sit in, sleep on, and walk in.”


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There is no avoiding it. You actually do get what you pay for in a shoe. And with the amount of force that goes through your feet, it is good to wear shoes that help your body move efficiently.


How do I know what shoe is right for me?

Not all feet are equal. There are some shoes that are suitable for some people, and not suitable for others.

However, with an entire shoe industry dedicated to providing us with unlimited choice, how can we choose a shoe that is appropriate for us?

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Remember the “4 S’s” when it comes to choosing the right shoe for you:

  1. Size – Ensure there is a thumb-width space at the end of your shoe so your toes don’t get cramped. Try them on at the end of the day when your feet are more swollen.
  2. Support – Check your shoes to make sure they are rigid in the middle, flexible at the toes, and have a firm heel counter for support.
  3. Secure – Loosely fitting shoes cause aching and tiredness. Choose shoes that are secure on your feet with laces or a buckle so you will be able enjoy your day for longer.
  4. Soft – With the force of 4 times your body weight going through your feet with walking, it is good to have some cushioning in your shoes.

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At Posture Podiatry, we realise that fashionable footwear is also important, so we have worked out ways to help you cope with those shoes that would otherwise need to be peeled off your feet at the end of a long night.

If you would like us to help you find the right shoe for you, recommend good shoe stores, or even assess your shoe collection (we have had people bring suitcases full of shoes to their appointments!), come on in and have a talk with one the podiatrists at Posture Podiatry.

We can help you find the right shoes for you.


And remember to think carefully about what you sit in, sleep on and walk in!

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