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Shockwave Therapy at Posture Podiatry

Posture Podiatry uses Shockwave Therapy as an advanced treatment for effective relief

Posture Podiatry uses Shockwave Therapy as an advanced treatment for effective relief








Shockwave therapy has been used for decades, and while the name might bring up mental images of institutionalised ‘shock treatment’, it’s not that sort of shock.

In fact, inside this clever little machine is a piston that moves up and down banging on a specialised head which transmits a radial sound wave into the damaged tissue, which benefits you in 2 proven ways:

  1. The shockwaves promote angiogenesis, which is the formation of new blood vessels in the area
  2. They also dull the nociceptors, which are the pain sensing nerves.

The result is improved blood flow and healing capability in the damaged tissue, and a significant reduction in pain.

There are numerous published scientific studies that demonstrate this as a safe treatment option with positive outcomes.

Although this treatment has been trusted for many years, the technology has finally improved to a level where it can be offered effectively in rooms, and we are proud to be able to provide this service for the benefit of our clients.

We’ve particularly found it useful for the treatment of heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and arch pain. By varying the intensity and spread of the sound waves we can also target muscle pain, and promote healing of tendons and ligaments – getting you back on your feet faster after injury.

In medical-speak the treatment is known as Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT), and Posture Podiatry uses an EMS Swiss Dolorclast System.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our special offer for Shockwave therapy, where you can receive this amazing therapy for no extra cost to your standard appointment fee, call us to find out more!

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Posture Podiatry

Every so often at Posture Podiatry we have “Random Act of Kindness” week. We use this time to intentionally practice random acts of kindness.

Now, when it comes to this topic, there are mixed responses, from “Useless. Planning a random act of kindness negates the meaning of it being random”, To “Yippee! Now I have another excuse to be kind!” 


However, personally the biggest challenge has been deciding what random act of kindness will give the best return for the effort?


But, that’s a problem, because the very act of kindness should not expect anything in return. Chasing the acknowledgement that I did something “cool” or “life-changing” and expecting my small act to make a huge difference is unrealistic.


Sure, there are times when a small act will make a huge difference, but that’s not the reason why we do them. It’s about aligning our attitudes and hearts to that of generosity and living with gratitude and generosity in everything we do.


It’s also about recognising where there is a need, and simply being more aware of opportunities each day to be kind.


If a random act of kindness is not received well (I remember one time someone chased me down the street trying to give back my $5 note I gave them!) it could simply be a reaction to the absence of kindness in the lives of others.


The more people get used to kindness, the better it will be received.


So, I’ve changed my thinking away from finding the best random act that will have the most impact, to just doing something – however small – that will bring a bit more light to the world.


Can you help by also spreading some kindness into the world?

Posture Podiatry wins Telstra Business Award

Daniel Gibbs wins the telstra business award

I’m so proud to be sharing this post with you. So much has happened over the past 12 months to bring us to where we are now, and I owe it to our wonderful team, our clients who enthusiastically embrace what we are about, and all the people who make us who we are today.

What’s the story?

Our team was in the audience as finalists at the Telstra Business Awards event 12 months ago, and back then I thought we had a great business. However, it was a brief conversation I had with someone that night that really challenged my thinking, and could perhaps be the reason why we made it on stage for the big moment yesterday.

See, although I had what I thought was a good business, I didn’t have a story yet. Like many small businesses we were still discovering our identity and working out who we were. What was it about Posture Podiatry that was inspiring for other people? What is it that podiatrists do anyway? and How do they know if we’re really any good?

I learned that there is a difference between growing a business that works, and growing a business that lasts.

I was the bottleneck

Like many other business owners, back then I had big dreams, but no time to bring them to reality. Our business worked, but it relied heavily on me, meaning I had become the bottleneck to our lasting success.

The hard truth hit like a brick, and I had to undergo perhaps one of the most painful journeys of my life – letting go.

I want to be clear that letting go did not mean giving up – quite the opposite because when I stopped being a podiatrist and started being a business owner I began to behave differently, focus on the things that mattered, and ultimately free the business to grow far beyond anything I could have achieved on my own.

Something had to change

As a team over the years we have been on a journey from good to great, and for us, it was a humble cup of herbal tea that became the catalyst for this transition.

No, it wasn’t the tea leaves talking, but rather what the tea represented for people who didn’t quite understand all the amazing things we could do for their feet.

When Posture Podiatry became the only podiatrist on the books of a boutique tea supplier, we were told that if we were willing to serve that quality tea, we must be really good podiatrists!

That’s where our quest for excellence began, and developed into all the special little things we do to express who we are and our love for what we do, and how we demonstrate we really care.

I am incredibly proud of the stories we hear from our clients, and the level of professional care we have learned to provide, and I am also proud of the fact that the entire team has one thing as their goal within our business – a small Adelaide business leading our industry in world class service. And that quest keeps us going.


Recently in one of our daily huddles, one of our team, Ed, shared a message with us about the difference between success and mastery. He taught us that success is like hitting the bullseye once, but mastery is being able to do it again and again.

So, perhaps with this award we have hit the bullseye once. But I want to continue to develop our values, our systems and the way we do business to be able to hit the bullseye time and time again, and help others to do the same.

Posture Podiatry win the Telstra Business Award

Thank you

Thank you to my family, in particular my wife who has always supported my crazy ideas, to all the suppliers and people who are involved with helping us achieve what we want to achieve without question.

Thank you to the Telstra Business Awards team who have helped us through this journey, and to the judges who understood what we were really about.

Thank you to our amazing clients who make our work so enjoyable, and thank you finally to our team. It is because of your hard work and dedication and amazing ability to align with a common goal to be a world class Podiatry Clinic that we can now call ourselves award winners!

Running From the Telstra Business Award, Begging it to Catch Me!

Daniel Gibbs, Posture Podiatry

Daniel Gibbs, Posture Podiatry


The running began the day I received an extravagant package in the mail… We had been nominated for the Telstra Business Awards.

Having spoken to a couple of previous winners of the award, I knew what I was in for. It would force me to be vulnerable, to reveal the inner workings of our business, and it would take me around 45 hours to complete the application. I had to reveal personal struggles, successes and failures, plans for the future and a lot of numbers.

Very few allied-health businesses have won the Telstra Business Award in the past, which made me question whether to start the process at all…

…But it was worth it

2014 Website Banner_Finalist_White

Being able to take an honest look at who we were as a business allowed me to document our past, and organise our future.

Being shortlisted for the Telstra Business Award confirmed for me that we were on the right track, and industry analysts liked what they saw.

The Posture Podiatry Team at the Telstra Business Awards


I admit I did check out the competition, and yes, I wrote a speech in case we did win.

And, although another business was chosen as the winner, the process revealed for me so many areas where we can fine-tune our service to really stand out (Those who know me will know that pun was intended!).


Now we are running again…

It gave me such a drive to achieve the vision I have for Posture Podiatry to be providing the best service, the best treatment and the best results for our clients.

As a result of this award we are more intent on being the best provider of podiatry services, but a little more relaxed about letting the award catch us if it does.


Daniel Gibbs with Posture Podiatry's Award certificate

Daniel Gibbs with Posture Podiatry’s Award certificate

Thank you

I really want to thank the team at Posture Podiatry for being the most amazing group of people to work with. They embody our culture and values, and they have aligned themselves with a common mission to be the best.

And thank you – our clients – for being so wonderful and supportive. It is because of you we love coming to work each day!


Do you think we should try again?