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Children’s feet are really important – and we want to do more to help.


Over a quarter of the bones in the body are in the feet and at school age they are growing at a rapid rate! By nurturing growing feet you can help to set your child up well for life with feet that are strong and stable.

We met together earlier this month to discuss what we can do to help parents who want to help their school-aged children grow and develop in the best way possible.

We developed a special Children’s Check Up program for children 16 years and under, and to kick start it we want to help 50 children with a special offer to get the program started.

This is such an important opportunity for young children, and is guaranteed to help give you peace of mind by identifying potential concerns and acting on them before they become a problem later in life.

The Children’s Check Up is a fun, engaging, playful appointment with you and your child, and includes the following:

  • Comprehensive children’s biomechanical and postural assessment
  • 6 page written report for parents to take home
  • Copies of report sent to GP and other allied health professionals involved in their care
  • Treatment for identified problems
  • Recommendations and advice for parents
  • Footwear Review
  • Formulation of a management plan for any identified problems


It is Back to School time, and that is a great reminder to do something for your children’s future health and wellbeing.

Normally, everything that is included in the Children’s Check Up would be great value at $185, but until March 2016 we are offering this amazing program as a once off fee of $49… and you can claim with your health fund as well.

But remember, it’s only for the first 50 children, only at Posture Podiatry, and only for a limited time – so call us today on 8362 5900 to help your children put their best foot forward.


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