Knee Pain – The Mexico of Your Body

Knee pain has the potential to stop you in your tracks.

But what has Mexico got to do with it?

mexico map - knee pain


Someone once told me they thought of the knee as Mexico… below the knee is the foot and lower leg – or South America, and above the knee there is the hip and pelvis – North America!

Knee pain - posture podiatry


Often we blame the knee for the problem, but it’s likely to be something from either below the knee or above the knee that could be the cause.


So, when you think of your knee pain, consider the following 3 things:

  1. Are my feet in good alignment below the knee?

This is a good way to tell if your knees are having abnormal stress on them because of the position of your feet. Feet that roll in (pronate) will cause your knee to rotate inwards, feet that roll out (supinate) will make your knee rotate outwards causing stress.


  1. Does my knee tend to track in or out?

You can test this the next time you sit in a chair. Watch your knees as you sit down, and again as you rise, do they move in or out? Or do they stay in good alignment as they bend?


  1. Do I also have problems with hip pain and back pain? Or pain along the outside of my thigh?

Hip and back pain coupled with knee pain can be a warning sign that your knee pain is not just a problem with the knee. You may need to look higher to find the true cause of your knee pain.


The podiatrists at Posture Podiatry care about your knees, and can help you find the true cause of your knee pain, and treat it for you.

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Daniel Gibbs, Posture Podiatry

Daniel Gibbs, Posture Podiatry

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