Posture Podiatry wins Telstra Business Award

Daniel Gibbs wins the telstra business award

I’m so proud to be sharing this post with you. So much has happened over the past 12 months to bring us to where we are now, and I owe it to our wonderful team, our clients who enthusiastically embrace what we are about, and all the people who make us who we are today.

What’s the story?

Our team was in the audience as finalists at the Telstra Business Awards event 12 months ago, and back then I thought we had a great business. However, it was a brief conversation I had with someone that night that really challenged my thinking, and could perhaps be the reason why we made it on stage for the big moment yesterday.

See, although I had what I thought was a good business, I didn’t have a story yet. Like many small businesses we were still discovering our identity and working out who we were. What was it about Posture Podiatry that was inspiring for other people? What is it that podiatrists do anyway? and How do they know if we’re really any good?

I learned that there is a difference between growing a business that works, and growing a business that lasts.

I was the bottleneck

Like many other business owners, back then I had big dreams, but no time to bring them to reality. Our business worked, but it relied heavily on me, meaning I had become the bottleneck to our lasting success.

The hard truth hit like a brick, and I had to undergo perhaps one of the most painful journeys of my life – letting go.

I want to be clear that letting go did not mean giving up – quite the opposite because when I stopped being a podiatrist and started being a business owner I began to behave differently, focus on the things that mattered, and ultimately free the business to grow far beyond anything I could have achieved on my own.

Something had to change

As a team over the years we have been on a journey from good to great, and for us, it was a humble cup of herbal tea that became the catalyst for this transition.

No, it wasn’t the tea leaves talking, but rather what the tea represented for people who didn’t quite understand all the amazing things we could do for their feet.

When Posture Podiatry became the only podiatrist on the books of a boutique tea supplier, we were told that if we were willing to serve that quality tea, we must be really good podiatrists!

That’s where our quest for excellence began, and developed into all the special little things we do to express who we are and our love for what we do, and how we demonstrate we really care.

I am incredibly proud of the stories we hear from our clients, and the level of professional care we have learned to provide, and I am also proud of the fact that the entire team has one thing as their goal within our business – a small Adelaide business leading our industry in world class service. And that quest keeps us going.


Recently in one of our daily huddles, one of our team, Ed, shared a message with us about the difference between success and mastery. He taught us that success is like hitting the bullseye once, but mastery is being able to do it again and again.

So, perhaps with this award we have hit the bullseye once. But I want to continue to develop our values, our systems and the way we do business to be able to hit the bullseye time and time again, and help others to do the same.

Posture Podiatry win the Telstra Business Award

Thank you

Thank you to my family, in particular my wife who has always supported my crazy ideas, to all the suppliers and people who are involved with helping us achieve what we want to achieve without question.

Thank you to the Telstra Business Awards team who have helped us through this journey, and to the judges who understood what we were really about.

Thank you to our amazing clients who make our work so enjoyable, and thank you finally to our team. It is because of your hard work and dedication and amazing ability to align with a common goal to be a world class Podiatry Clinic that we can now call ourselves award winners!

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