Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Posture Podiatry

Every so often at Posture Podiatry we have “Random Act of Kindness” week. We use this time to intentionally practice random acts of kindness.

Now, when it comes to this topic, there are mixed responses, from “Useless. Planning a random act of kindness negates the meaning of it being random”, To “Yippee! Now I have another excuse to be kind!” 


However, personally the biggest challenge has been deciding what random act of kindness will give the best return for the effort?


But, that’s a problem, because the very act of kindness should not expect anything in return. Chasing the acknowledgement that I did something “cool” or “life-changing” and expecting my small act to make a huge difference is unrealistic.


Sure, there are times when a small act will make a huge difference, but that’s not the reason why we do them. It’s about aligning our attitudes and hearts to that of generosity and living with gratitude and generosity in everything we do.


It’s also about recognising where there is a need, and simply being more aware of opportunities each day to be kind.


If a random act of kindness is not received well (I remember one time someone chased me down the street trying to give back my $5 note I gave them!) it could simply be a reaction to the absence of kindness in the lives of others.


The more people get used to kindness, the better it will be received.


So, I’ve changed my thinking away from finding the best random act that will have the most impact, to just doing something – however small – that will bring a bit more light to the world.


Can you help by also spreading some kindness into the world?

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