Running From the Telstra Business Award, Begging it to Catch Me!

Daniel Gibbs, Posture Podiatry

Daniel Gibbs, Posture Podiatry


The running began the day I received an extravagant package in the mail… We had been nominated for the Telstra Business Awards.

Having spoken to a couple of previous winners of the award, I knew what I was in for. It would force me to be vulnerable, to reveal the inner workings of our business, and it would take me around 45 hours to complete the application. I had to reveal personal struggles, successes and failures, plans for the future and a lot of numbers.

Very few allied-health businesses have won the Telstra Business Award in the past, which made me question whether to start the process at all…

…But it was worth it

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Being able to take an honest look at who we were as a business allowed me to document our past, and organise our future.

Being shortlisted for the Telstra Business Award confirmed for me that we were on the right track, and industry analysts liked what they saw.

The Posture Podiatry Team at the Telstra Business Awards


I admit I did check out the competition, and yes, I wrote a speech in case we did win.

And, although another business was chosen as the winner, the process revealed for me so many areas where we can fine-tune our service to really stand out (Those who know me will know that pun was intended!).


Now we are running again…

It gave me such a drive to achieve the vision I have for Posture Podiatry to be providing the best service, the best treatment and the best results for our clients.

As a result of this award we are more intent on being the best provider of podiatry services, but a little more relaxed about letting the award catch us if it does.


Daniel Gibbs with Posture Podiatry's Award certificate

Daniel Gibbs with Posture Podiatry’s Award certificate

Thank you

I really want to thank the team at Posture Podiatry for being the most amazing group of people to work with. They embody our culture and values, and they have aligned themselves with a common mission to be the best.

And thank you – our clients – for being so wonderful and supportive. It is because of you we love coming to work each day!


Do you think we should try again?




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