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Looking For a Lightweight Running Shoe with Good Support?

We all experience it at some point… walking into a shoe store only to be overwhelmed by choice! Scott Leslie from Posture Podiatry has tried out many shoes, and shares his thoughts on one of his favourites.


The New Balance 870 Running Shoe

The New Balance 870 Running Shoe


New Balance 870 V3

“The first thing I noticed with this shoe was the weight – or more importantly the lack of weight. This is a very light shoe for all the padding and posting it offers.”  – Scott Leslie, Posture Podiatry

How does a cushioning shoe feel so light? The answer is a fusion of the REVLITE midsole, which feels very soft underfoot; and the light, soft upper material.

NB shoe side

There is ample cushioning in the NB 870 for most medium distances. I have had no complaints on 10km runs so far.

The fit for me is excellent and felt comfortable as soon as I put them on. They don’t look too bad either.

The forefoot flexes very easily due to the design of the sole, and the shoe provides good support with a medial dual density post.

My thoughts are that the medial posting is softer (and therefore lighter) than most other shoes, and it looks like they have been able to reduce weight further with a cut-out in the middle of it.

… This might have an effect on the amount of support this shoe offers… so I wouldn’t really recommend it for anyone with highly pronated feet.

NB shoe top

I have run over 80km’s in these shoes now, and they are not showing any signs of wear (although I do not usually wear through shoes quickly).

In summary, this shoe is a great transition to the light-weight market which is really popular with runners looking for a little bit of support in their shoe.”


Scott Leslie, Posture Podiatry

Scott Leslie, Posture Podiatry







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